Bronze Obedience Classes:

Obedience 4216:
Zak and Nnuck 

Obedience 31316:
Boo (100%), Kobi, Patch, Suki, Frankie and Scotty

Obedience 2616:
Smudge, Cody and Maisie

Obedience 4816:
Mia, Annie, Otto and Marley

Obedience 61016:
Lily, Poppy, Rio (100%), Harley (100%), Olive, Lulu and Fifi 

Obedience 12117:
Syd (100%), Benson (100%), Polo, Boo, Cecil and Hamish

Obedience 9317:
River, Freya and Jet

Obedience 11517:
Bella, Archie and Saffy (100%)

Obedience 7917:
Blaze, Bessie, Whiskey (100%) and Pepper

Obedience 21117:
​Bella, Ruby, Winnie and Bryson

Obedience 4118:
​Snoopy, Zuma, Willow, Ozzy and Tess

Obedience 1318:
Percy, Hattie and Jazz, 

Obedience 4418:
​Indie, Boris and Logan

Obedience 3518:
Jinny, Winston, Bailey (100%) and Mason (100%)

Obedience 6618:
Milo, Tilly, Sage, Bentley (100%), Hattie (100%) and Toby

Obedience 5718:
Teddy, Murphy, Chip and Bear


Obedience 6918:
Belle, Zeeva (100%), Finn (100%) and Duke

​Obedience 31018:
Dudley, Sally, Millie, Max

Obedience 11118:

Obedience 281118:
Bailey (100%), Roscoe (100%) and Flynn
Silver Obedience Classes:

Obedience 2616:
Boo, Milo, Kobi, Patch, Cody, Frankie, Maisie and Smudge

Obedience 4816: 
Otto, Marley and Annie

Obedience 16117:
Rio and Barbara 

Obedience 13317:
​Boo and Benson

Obedience 6717:
River (100%), Syd, Saffy, Archie and Freya

Obedience 21117: 
Bessie and Whiskey

Obedience 4118: 

Obedience 1318: 
Tess, Snoopy, Ozzy and Willow

Obedience 6618:
Jazz, Indie (100%) and Rory (100%) 

Obedience 5718:
Mason (100%), Bailey and Hattie (100%) 

Obedience 6918:
Bramble (100%) and Chip

Obedience 11118:
Finn (100%), Duke and Belle (100%)

Obedience 281118:
Max, Dudley and Millie
Gold Obedience Classes:

Obedience 13317:

Obedience 7917:
​River (100%) and Syd

Obedience 4118:

Obedience 3518: 

Obedience 6918:
​Indie, Snoopy, Hattie (100%) and Mason (100%)

KRRs at Wilmslow DTC Agility Show

On 10th January some of our dogs competed at Wilmslow DTC Agility Show and they did fab!
4th in Medium Jumping 1-2 Combined
1st in Medium Jumping 1-3 Graded
1st in Medium Agility 1-3 Graded
3rd in Small Jumping 1-3 Graded
1st in Small Agility 1-3 Combined
25th in Large Jumping 1-4 Combined 
19th in Large Agility 1-3 Combined 
3rd in Large Jumping 1-3 Graded

Well Done Everybody !

Natasha-Anne Davies
18th January 2019

KRRs at Dig It Dogs 14th April 2018

Bank Holiday Monday saw Rios first Kennel Club show, held by Ribble DATC. 

Rio managed to achieve 2nd place in the Small Combined 1-3 Fun Run with a clear round and only just over a second between his time and the dog in first place! 

He also managed a 3rd in Small Combined 1-2 Jumping and 2nd in Small Combined 1-2 Agility - again with a clear round! 

Natasha-Anne Davies

6th May 2018

KRRs at Dig It Dogs 14th April 2018

Saturday saw five dogs from KRRs (1 trainers and 4 clients) travel down to Sandbach to take part in the Dig It Dogs Club Competition. 
Everybody did very well!

Michelle and Gus got 1st in Standard Beginners Agility, 4th in Jumping and 2nd in Steeplechase

Donna and Rio got 1st Place in Small Beginners Agility, Jumping and Steeplechase
Adam and Zac got 1st in Large Beginners Agility 3rd in Jumping and 2nd in Steeplechase
Sandra and Tess got 2nd in Standard Beginners Agility, 1st in Jumping and 3rd in Steeplechase
Tasha and Ria got 1st in Medium Beginners Agility and 4th in  Jumping 

Natasha-Anne Davies  
14th April 2018

KRRs at Dig It Dogs 30th December 2017

Saturday saw five dogs from KRRs (2 trainers and 3 clients) travel down to Sandbach to take part in the Dig It Dogs Club Competition. 
Gus and Rio both being at their first show did very well!

Michelle and Gus got 5th Place in Anysize Beginners Steeplechase and Anysize Beginners Agility

Kerry and Ella got 2nd Place in Anysize Beginners Steeplechase and Anysize Beginners Agility

Natasha-Anne Davies  
30th December 2017

KRRs at Dig It Dogs 9th December 2017

Saturday saw six dogs from KRRs (3 trainers and 3 clients) travel down to Sandbach to take part in the Dig It Dogs Club Competition. 
Tess and Lola both being at their first show where not phased and came away with Rosettes!

Sandra and Tess got 3rd place in Standard Beginners Jumping

Sarah and Braken got 1st place in Medium Beginners Jumping

Tasha and Ria got 1st places in Medium Beginners Agility 

Leah and Snoopy got  2nd Place in Anysize Beginners Jumping and Anysize Beginners Agility

Leah and Lola got 4th place in Anysize Beginners Jumping

Natasha-Anne Davies  
13th December 2017

Puppy Obedience Classes

​Congratulations to our Puppies who all passed their Assessments! 

Obedience 4216:
Harley, Patch, Kobi and Baloo

Obedience 4816: 
​Darcy, Saskia, Bella and Zar

Obedience 61016:
Fifi, Lulu, Olive, Rio (100%) and Harley (100%)

Obedience 12117:
Syd (100%), Polo and Boo (100%)

Obedience 9317:
​River and Freya 

Obedience 11517:
Archie (100%) and Saffie (100%)


Beginners Level 1
Zak, Rio, Harley, Shadow, Mimi, Polo, Tia, Freya, Poppy, River

Beginners Level 2
Zak, Rio, Poppy, River, Chase and Tia

Beginners Level 3 
Rio, Poppy and Chase

KRRs at Dig It Dogs Club Competition - 13th May 2017

Saturday saw five dogs from KRRs (3 trainers and 2 clients) travel down to Sandbach to take part in the Dig It Dogs Club Competition. 
Despite the early start everybody left with smiles on their faces, happy dogs and Rosettes!

From Left: 
Kim and Marley got 1st place in Standard Beginners Jumping

Karen and Lola got 1st places in Anysize Jumping and Anysize Steeplechase 2nd place in Anysize Agility

Kerry and Ella got 1st place in Standard Beginners Agility and 2nd place in Standard Beginners Jumping

Tasha and Ria got 1st places in Medium Beginners Jumping and Steeplechase 

Leah and Snoopy got 1st place in Anysize Agility and 2nd place in Anysize Jumping

Natasha-Anne Davies  
21st November 2016

Well Done Everybody!!!
Poppy, 8 month old Romanian Rescue

Poppys owners brought her to us because of her fear of people.

In her first session I spent the entire time trying to get within 2 metres of her and any fast movements would set her off barking, cowering and backing away.  I sat on the floor tossing bits of food to her, letting her decide to come to me.  She eventually came and sat approximately a metre away from me and we called it a day there as we felt that was a big improvement. 

Our second session was at Poppys house, where she wasnt keen on me entering the house, nonetheless we went out to the back garden and again I sat on the floor and let her come to me. Within half and hour Poppy was led right next to me and letting me stroke the side of her head. She let me stand back up and walked with me around the garden. 

Our third session was on Sunday and what a difference! Poppy waited on the stairs for her Mum to answer the door and let me in no questions asked. We went in to the garden and she was happy for me to sit down and even tried to climb on my knee! She let me stroke her head and along her back and side too. 

We will continue to see Poppy as she settles in further focusing next on walking and meeting dogs but her progress is fast and her owners are putting in a lot of effort and taking on board our advice. Well done to all the family and to Poppy on the progress so far and we look forward to going through the next steps with you too!

Natasha-Anne Davies 
15th May 2017
Roscoe, 18 month old Rottweiller X Labrador

Roscoe's owners contacted KRRs for help with his walking and recall. Unfortunately the family were also subjected to breed stereotype judgments which had made them even more wary about his behaviour. 

The first session was spent concerntrating on Roscoe's Lead manners to help everyone feel more at ease when out and about. In just 45 minutes Roscoe was walking nicely at heel and Sarah felt more confident that she could walk him by herself. 

Our second session was spent on recall and highlighted one of the wonderful things about getting a Rescue Dog... you never know how they were trained before until you happen to try it. KRRs managed to unlock his Recall Training and within half an hour had his unreliable and slow recall transformed into a speedy, 100% Recall.

Whilst there is still work to do with Roscoe and confidence to build with his owners, KRRs are over the moon with their progress so far and would like to congratulate the Marsdens on their Success!

Natasha-Anne Davies  
21st November 2016
Darcy, 3 year old Curly Coat Retreiver

Darcys owners got in touch with us for help with Darcys walking. They admitted to us they were, at that point, avoiding taking Darcy out to places where there would be other dogs. She would bark at anything moving and on several occasions had pulled Sue into the road.

We spent time reminding Darcy where heel was and introducing new rules that she was only allowed off the pavement once she had sat down and Sue asked her to continue on. 
After 7 sessions with our Canine Team and the Handlers/Trainers, we felt they were ready to move on to the next step... a walk at Stannah Estuary. Darcy walked nicely by Sues side despite Ria being next to her. As this was Rias first day working Darcy had never met her before making this an even bigger achievement. 

We finished the session by allowing Darcy and Ria to play off lead and it was lovely to see them happily playing. Whilst Darcy is now much better on walks and her owners are happier to take her more places, they have asked to continue their sessions whilst their confidence in her is rebuilt. 

We would like to congratulate Mr & Mrs Hodson on all their hardwork and progress!

Natasha-Anne Davies  
26th September 2016
Jacob, 2 year old Chihuahua
When we first met Jacob he was a very angry Chihuahua who protected his bed, food and toys against anybody in the room. The second you moved he was there to protect. The owners were concerned that was how he would continue to be throughout his life.

After spending some time talking to the family about Jacobs behaviour we showed them some techniques to enable them to have a happier, less stressful experience with Jacob and how to ensure their own safety. 

Just a short two weeks later, we went back to see the family and were amazed at the progress they had made. Such an improvement infact that both our trainers were happy to sit on the grass and play fetch with him - something we wouldnt have dreamed of doing on the first week! 

The Kirkpatrick's have clearly put a lot of work into helping Jacob and it is definitely shining through! Congratulations!
Natasha-Anne Davies
5th July 2016
Boo, 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Boo came into our first class a very nervous dog, she was jumpy and wouldn't let our trainers near her. She wouldn't eat food in the hall and she didn't join in with the activities for the first few weeks despiite Kathy's best efforts. 

We spent time after classes playing fetch with Boo in the hall to make her feel more at ease - with the hall and with the trainers. We also used this as one of Ria's training exercises, to play with Boo - they ended up being good friends and often played through classes and after!

Kathy, her family and our trainers put in alot of work with Boo and boy did it pay off! Boo went on to achieve 100% in her Bronze Obedience Assessment - a KRRs first!

We are over the moon with Boo's progress and can't congratulate the family enough!
Sarah Sharples
14th June 2016
Mia, 8 month old Border Collie
Mia came to us as her family were concerned she was becoming reactive. Our initial assessment concluded that this wasn't infact the case and but she did need more socialising as she had missed out on this. 
She spend her last session playing chase with two of our resident demo and assessment dogs! Our team put the whole family in some extreme conditions to demonstrate the progress Mia had made and to make the family more confident. 
Congratulations Mia and family and well done on your hard work!
Natasha-Anne Davies  
17th May 2016
Molly, 2 year old Border Terrier
Molly came to us after showing aggression towards other dogs. We spent time looking at the signs for her owners to look out for and took time to build up her positive associations with new dogs. We have concluded her 1-2-1 training this week after just 4 sessions.
She spend todays session playing chase and fetch with one of our resident demo and assessment dogs!
Congratulations Molly and family and well done on your hard work!
Natasha-Anne Davies  
5th January 2016
Ella, 4 year old Springer Spaniel
Ella came to me after attending Agility classes for a few months. Whilst Ella and her owner enjoyed the Agility, Ella was that excited that she was missing all her contacts and often knocked jumps down. 
We spent a couple of sessions on contacts, by the end of which Ella was getting 90% of her contacts. With perserverance Ella is now hitting every contact thrown her way! 
We then spent a few more sessions on handler positions and accuracy...Ella is now preparing to compete in the New Year once registered! 
Great team work Ella and Kerry! 
Natasha-Anne Davies
3rd November 2015
Bracken, 7 year old Parson Russel Terrier Cross
She has supported me throughout with my Parson Russell terrier cross, Bracken, in improving her behaviour around other dogs (she could be very reactive, particularly with Border Terriers) and working on our technique with agility. I have been fortunate in receiving one to one tuition, small group training and training through our agility club to improve my handling skills and partnership with Bracken.
Through one to one tuition, Bracken is now far less reactive towards other dogs and I feel my handling of potentially reactive situations has improved dramatically. Natasha worked tirelessly with Bracken and eventually created a bond between Bracken and her own Border Terrier, Stitch. We are now working towards creating a better relationship between Bracken and Natasha’s parents’ Border Terrier, Bonny, who is similarly reactive.
Natasha was a strong influence in my desire to start competing in agility. Although I had thought of competing, more for fun than anything else, I had no idea how to go about registering Bracken and becoming part of the competition circuit. Natasha talked me through registering Bracken on the Kennel Club Activity Register and supported me with my first few competition application forms. Understanding that I was nervous about what to expect, Natasha accompanied me to my first competition with her own dog and showed me the ropes. Since then she has supported me at the majority of the competitions I have entered, and ensures I apply to as many local competitions as possible. Although we are still competing at grade 1, Bracken’s confidence has grown, as has my own,  and I am sure we will progress further in the near future.
Natasha has been instrumental in improving my handling skills in agility, particularly with weaving which has been our nemesis! Within weeks of a few small group sessions and a one to one session, Bracken went from plodding slowly through the weaves with no understanding or enthusiasm to bouncing through them at speed. She has also worked on my positioning on an agility course and how to direct Bracken through complicated jump sequences. At the present time, we are working on contacts and distance handling which I know will improve our success in competition.
Sarah Sharples
3rd November 2015